Leg Pain Specialist NYC

Your legs get a lot of use throughout your life. They are at risk for overuse, strain, and damage. As you age, it might seem like everything starts hurting more. Chronic leg pain can impact your quality of life and make it harder to enjoy your favorite activities, but it doesn’t have to. Finding the cause of your leg pain is the start to finding relief.

Leg pain is caused by any number of things, including:

  • Bones, joints, or muscles
  • Nerves
  • Veins

Bones and joints are susceptible to arthritis, and muscles may hurt due to overuse. Chronic conditions like diabetes can increase nerve pain and make your body more likely to sustain non-healing wounds.

Vein damage is also a common cause of leg pain. Over time, the arteries and veins responsible for moving blood throughout your body can get damaged or weakened. If your blood pools or gets trapped in your legs, swelling and pain can result.

What are the symptoms of leg pain?

The symptoms of leg pain often change depending on the cause. Arthritis in your legs can make your joints stiff, inflamed, or painful. Overuse injuries like tendonitis or shin splints affect your muscles and can occur if you’ve significantly increased your activity level. Nerve pain can feel like numbness, tingling, or weakness.

Vascular conditions like varicose veins and peripheral vascular disease can make your legs feel heavy, aching, or throbbing. Vein conditions can also cause muscle cramps, itchy skin, and swelling. An infection could be causing your leg pain if you experience warmth, redness, and a fever greater than 100℉.

How can I find relief from leg pain?

Dr. Beheshtian offers a range of treatment options for patients suffering from leg pain due to vascular diseases. To diagnose the cause of your leg pain, Dr. Beheshtian performs a full physical exam and talks with you about your medical history.

Pain in your legs caused by damaged veins can force you to limit your activity, but treatment is often very effective. Some lifestyle changes, such as achieving a healthy weight and participating in activities that increase blood flow, can improve symptoms. For more severe cases, Dr. Beheshtian performs a procedure to repair or close the damaged veins that cause pain.

You don’t have to live with chronic leg pain. For top-quality diagnosis and care, make an appointment with Dr. Beheshtian. Call the office or request your first appointment online today.